Students upset after being asked to leave Owasso football game over American flag

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Students Bought Flags, Shirts and Banners For USA Themed First Game.

OWASSO, Okla. – While hundreds of football fans showed up to Owasso High School’s home opener last Friday, but it wasn’t what some students expected.

Students told KJRH that they were excited for the first game of the season, which was deemed ‘USA night.’

In a video, a police officer was seen asking Brandon Conrad to leave the Owasso High School football stadium because he was waving an American flag in the stands.

“Our principal told us it was OK, our actual individual grade teacher told us it was OK, but when we got there, Duffield tells us, says it’s not OK, which is our athletic director,” said Brandon Conrad.

A school spokesperson said flags, signs and banners can make it hard for others to see the game.

On Thursday, the school sent a statement regarding Conrad’s situation saying, “Our athletic director and high school administration have partnered to clarify with our students that large flag poles are not permitted at the games.  The large flag poles were the original safety concern and yet that message was not clearly conveyed to everyone providing supervision at last Friday night’s game.  We have apologized to our students and community for any miscommunication.”

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