TSA sees record number of fliers attempting to bring guns past checkpoint

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OKLAHOMA CITY-- If you've ever flown, you've seen them.

A long list of TSA reminders greet you at the airport.

"Yes, I've forgotten a whole bottle of Gatorade and, of course, you can take that, but I just didn't know it was in my bag," said Jennifer Marchel, a flier.

"Once, I forgot a Swiss army knife in my camera bag. It was just something that got caught in the corner there, and I just forgot it," said Ron Marchel.

But, a record number of people are forgetting something in their carry on that's concerning the TSA - firearms.

In fact, in one week's time, nationwide, TSA found 81 firearms.

A majority of them were loaded.

"It was kind of reflected all the way down to Oklahoma City where we saw an uptick in the month of August where we had five firearms discovered. All of those were loaded,” said Karen Carney, spokesperson for Will Rogers World Airport.

Officials think it could be people just forgetting to take them out of their luggage.

But, it's no small accident.

Federal and state law prohibit a firearm in your carry-on at the airport.

But, still, so many are doing it.

"In light of what's going on around the world and in our country, a loaded firearm is not something you want to have in the secure area of the concourse,” Carney said.

Airport officials don't think these fliers are doing it with any ill intent.

It's just a reminder to leave your guns at home or face a hefty fine.

"It's not just a slap on the hand. If a firearms is discovered, a police officer is called and an investigation is opened. At minimum, you will have a fine depending on the scenario. Averages $3,000 for a loaded firearm,” Carney said.

And, that fine could go up as high as $11,000.

Not to mention, there's a good chance you'll miss your flight.

So, remember, when you're loading up your family to go to the airport, leave the guns at home.

The airport wants you to know it's absolutely okay to bring your firearm in your checked luggage as long as it's in a hard case unloaded and declared to the airline you're flying with.

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