Oklahoma animal shelter ‘breaks the rules’ in hopes of reuniting lost pets and owners

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LAWTON, Okla. – Officials at Lawton Animal Welfare say they are desperate to find the owners of dogs who have been dropped off at the shelter.

Shelter officials say they are at maximum capacity, so they are taking extreme measures to find the owners of stray animals since there is no more room.

The shelter says that it is against policy to post pictures or videos of animals on stray hold, but they are breaking those rules to help reunite some families.

According to the shelter’s Facebook post, the agency has taken in 76 animals this week alone.

“I see at least 30 new lost and found posts go up daily. Where are these 30 people at every day? Why are they not down here at the shelter looking for their animals?” the post reads.

Animal welfare workers are asking pet owners and friends of pet owners to take a close look at the dogs in the video.

“If you notice an animal in this video and you know who the owners are please let me know. I’ll personally go knock on their door and tell them to come and get their animals. Only when we as a community come together, which we are beginning to do, will we begin to put a dent in our Euthanasia Rate. Are you missing a Dog or a Cat? I’d like to see you down here looking for them TODAY. Do Not Wait Until SATURDAY.”

The animals in that video are not available for adoption because they are on a stray hold.

However, they have plenty of adoptable cats and dogs at the shelter.

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