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Hundreds of cases dismissed after deputy accidentally destroys thousands of pieces of evidence

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HOUSTON, Texas – A deputy constable is out of a job after he allegedly destroyed thousands of pieces of evidence.

In January, the deputy was told to “clean out” the property room because it was getting full. According to KPRC, instead of just destroying the old evidence, the deputy got rid of 21,500 pieces of evidence, many of which applied to current cases.

Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson said that mistake has led them to dismiss 142 cases and 1,072 other cases are pending.

“Until we get a final number, we really have no idea how long it’s going to take to sort this out. It will make me sick if we have to dismiss a violent case because of this,” said Anderson. “That’s why we’re asking the prosecutors to try to resurrect these cases as best they can.”

The attorney for the deputy told KPRC that it was a misunderstanding and a mistake.