“We’re just praying and hoping for the best:” Parents of critically injured Oklahoma football player

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HOLDENVILLE, Okla. - A tough teen on the football field is now in a different kind of fight.

Holdenville senior Oske Lowe started complaining about a headache during last Thursday night’s game and was flown to Oklahoma City a short time later.

He is still hospitalized, and his family is by his side and asking for prayers.

“His name is different," said Oske’s mother, Nancy Randall.

It means rain.

It’s a name as unique as Oske’s character.

"Strong and tough, character - there's so much you can say about him," Randall said.

But, it's what he recently started saying to his fellow teammates that his family is now saying to him and hoping he can hear them.

"He started telling a lot of his teammates he loved them, and he would continue to say that until they say it back to him,” said Oske's father, Russell Lowe.

Thursday night, the Wolverines played Shawnee when, all of a sudden, Oske excused himself from the game and said he had a headache.

His family knew something wasn't right, because Oske never complained.

"He can tolerate pain,” his mother said.

He was airlifted to OU Medical Center and has been there ever since.

His parents haven't left his side.

They are staying strong and not giving up hope.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

"We're just praying and hoping for the best,” Randall said. "We could use all the prayers we can get. That’s what we can use right now, every single one of them."

Even though Oske won't be on the field on Friday night, his number will.

One of his best friends and teammates will wear his jersey.

"Amazing,” Randall said. “I can't say amazing enough, because you see how much he's touched everybody - a smile, a joke" or an 'I love you.'

A GoFundMe account has been set up for Oske’s family.

Donations are also being accepted at the First United Bank in Holdenville.