“I was going crazy crying,” Week-old Oklahoma baby stolen now safe at home

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OKLAHOMA - Being a mother is something new to 18-year-old Monica Juarez but, after just a week, she was settling into it.

“It’s just happiness,” she said - a feeling snatched away from her Tuesday afternoon, when a family friend stopped by to help out with chores.

Juarez said Betsy Fernandez seemed more interested in her newborn, Savina.

“She would keep telling me 'Could I hold her?'” Juarez said.

Juarez said she was back and forth in different parts of the house and noticed Fernandez had picked up the baby.

“She was asking 'You should let me have her. I would take care of her, like she was mine.' I thought she was just playing with me, but I guess she wasn’t,” Juarez said.

When Juarez went to the back of the house, Fernandez and the baby disappeared.

Juarez ran through the house, the backyard, even a park, calling for them.

“I was going crazy crying. We didn’t know where to look, because she lived in a shelter,” Juarez said.

Her family called police.

Three terrifying hours later, the two were found at a school.

According to reports, Fernandez told police “the baby shouldn’t be with Monica” and “she lives in a drug house.”

“I think that is just her excuse of taking her. I don’t know. Or, she just wants a baby,” Juarez said.

Fernandez was arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County jail on one charge of child stealing.

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