Scammer impersonating OGE threatens popular barber “Scissorhands”

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OKLA. CITY - There's always a buzz at Fade N Up barber shop and most of the talk centers around owner and head barber, Corey "Scissorhands" Sutter's celebrity run-ins.

“I ran into Drake Saturday, no Drake Sunday.”

Corey was kicking it at his shop the other day when a phone call sent him into a panic. 

“I'm looking over at my barbers and they working and I ain't never had nothing cut off because I always pay my bill,” he said.

The person said they were from OG&E and they were going to send out a technician to turn off power to Corey's shop, unless he paid his delinquent bill with a pre-paid debit card.       

“I went up into Walgreens, but I took my electric bill with me, instead of calling the number he called on the shop phone, I called the electric company,” Corey said. “They answered and I told them the situation and I'm picking up a Visa debit card going up to the counter getting ready to pay for it. They almost got me. They almost got me.

OG&E spokesperson, Kathleen O'Shea, says the scammers are playing on fear and people should first stop and think if their bill is delinquent.  

“And then easiest thing to do is log onto your account on OG& and you'll find that it's probably not delinquent because if it was we would have notified you before someone starts threatening to cut off your power,” she said.

OG&E won't send out a technician to turn off a smart meter and they'll never ask you for a credit card number over the phone or tell you to drive somewhere to purchase a pre-paid debit card.

  • Only as a last resort will OG&E ever call a customer.
  • Your best defense is to find out whether or not you have an outstanding balance.
  • Hang up and call your electric company directly or log into your account online.
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