“There was a bat and possibly brass knuckles, knives,” brawl breaks out following Oklahoma high school volleyball game

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OKLAHOMA CITY-- An all-out brawl took place inside the halls of a metro high school, and now cell phone video shot by a student is making the rounds on social media.

It happened at John Marshal High School after a girls’ volleyball game.

"I know there was a bat and possibly brass knuckles, knives,” parent Michael Mullin said. “How does that even get into play?"

The John Marshal volleyball team played Star-Spencer.

Mullin found out about the fight from his daughter. She escaped the brawl and immediately called her parents.

"She got out of the situation, but she called us frantically saying there is like a riot going on,” Mullin said. "So here we are hauling tail to get up here and all of a sudden we see police cars."

Mullin saw the video when is surfaced on social media.

"So I ask do any of the other parents know about this?” he said.

Mullin said he brought up violence to school officials before and the need for more school security especially during sporting events.

"Long story short,” he said. “This isn't the first time this has been a problem."

Oklahoma City Police were called and the report states the whole thing started over a boy.

The report also confirms brass knuckles and a baseball bat were in the mix, and one of the glass doors of the school was shattered.

"What I really want done is for somebody to step in a take a parent seriously,” Mullin said. "This is what's expected when you have no security there."

School officials say the fight was instigated by college students.

As far as security, they say they do all they can and that three school administrators were present when the fight broke out, but there was no security.

They also say charges are being pursued. The Oklahoma City Police Department is still investigating the matter.

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