Update: City notice backs disabled dad into a corner

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UPDATE 9/21/16 - It's like Ray Lane won the roof lottery!

The best part about his new roof, it didn't cost him a dime.

ABC Supply donated the materials and Gary Parker and Parker Brothers Roofing pitched in the labor!

“These guys are Saints, alright,” Ray said. “I couldn't say thank you enough.”

There are no more leaks.

Remember Ray, a single dad, was worried about getting in trouble with the city.

He received a notice from the city threatening to fine or criminally charge him because his roof was in violation of city code.

He couldn't get his insurance company to pay for repairs, because of the kind of policy he has.

He was really sweating it.

Now he's celebrating!

Parker Brothers moved fast hooking up Ray with new gutters, vents, and whirly birds.

Ray, a cancer survivor, says this is one of the kindest things anyone's ever done for him.

“Don't make me cry again,” he said. “It means the world to me and you guys bailed me out and I don't have to be afraid of the city or nothing.”

Ray he has a roof he can brag about now.

OKLAHOMA CITY - What Ray Lane would do for a money tree right now.

“If I had one I'd be picking $20 bills off it,” he said.

He’s disabled and raising his son on his own.

He can't afford a new roof, even though the city is demanding he put one on.

Basically inspectors say his roof is in violation of city code and if he doesn't replace it he could be fined or criminally prosecuted.

“I feel like the city backed me into a wall,” Ray said.

Ray tried filing a damage claim with his insurance, "Casualty Corporation of America."

It's going to cost ray anywhere from $4,000 to $6,000 for a total roof replacement, but his insurance company only cut him a check for $195.   

“Casualty Corporation of America tells the In Your Corner team they can’t so much because of client privacy regulations, but wanted us to know they only write “actual cash value" property policies.

We asked James McConnell from Parker Brothers Roofing to explain the difference between "replacement cost" insurance and the "actual cash value" policy Ray has.

“You're paying lower premiums, but when it comes time to actually replace that roof it costs you all of that money you saved just to replace your roof,” McConnell said.

If Ray had "replacement cost" insurance his insurance check would have been larger, although he still has a thousand dollar deductible.

Ray needs a new roof so he doesn't get in trouble with the city and Parker Brothers Roofing wants to give him one free of charge!

“We're going to also include new guttering,” Ray said. “We're going to give him GAF impact resistance shingle on this roof.

ABC Supply Company is also pitching on the project.

“It could work out we could replace the roof and gutters in the same day,” McConnell said. “We'll be in there getting 'er done and when we finish ray can step back and look at it and sit there smiling.”

Ray never filed an extension with the city, so he was was worried inspectors were going to fine him.

We checked and the city tells us they gave him an extension anyway and he won’t have to pay them a dime now.

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