Good question: Why do car insurance rates fluctuate?

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Nina wants to know how car insurance rates are decided.

She asked, “Why do my insurance rates tend to fluctuate up and down year to year even though my driving record is the same and I haven’t had any accidents?”

According to car insurance comparison site, Oklahoma City area car insurance rates are actually the same as 2011, even though rates across the nation have increased 11 percent over that time period.

Experts with the site say insurance rates do change year to year with some rates increasing and decreasing.

If you live in the Oklahoma City area, the zip codes that pay the most for car insurance are 73117, 73102 and 73013.

The average annual premium for those zip codes is about $2,288.

The site says the cheapest place in Oklahoma is Verden at $1,924, followed by Ninnekah and Davenport.

New drivers pay the most for insurance – teens have the highest insurance rates. Singles also tend to pay more than married couples.

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