“We are still not sure if anything was taken,” Police release security footage of IRS break-in

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OKLAHOMA CITY - We are getting the first look at the suspect wanted for breaking into the IRS building last week.

It’s an investigation that shut down operations at the building on Robinson in downtown Oklahoma City.

Police just released video of the suspect Wednesday.

They are hoping someone recognizes the man and turns him in.

The surveillance footage shows the suspect walking down the hall of the IRS building.

He's carrying a yellow crowbar.

He's trying to disguise himself with a bandanna over part of his face.

“He’s wearing a mask, but you get a good look at his clothing, the way he moves and his body build," said Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department.

Once inside, police said the suspect rummaged through several drawers and filing cabinets.

But, there was one thing he couldn't get into.

“While he is in the office, he tried to pry open a safe. He was not successful,” Knight said.

Not only are we getting a look at the suspect, but also when he broke into the IRS office.

Look at the time stamp - 10:55 p.m. Sunday, September 4.

No alarm sounded.

And, because it was a holiday weekend, the break-in went unnoticed until Tuesday morning when an employee showed up, discovered what happened and hit the panic alarm.

We wanted to know what was taken and whether or not taxpayer information was compromised.

Police are still trying to figure that out.

“At this time, we are still not sure if anything was taken. We do know that the office was rifled through,” Knight said.

The IRS told us "We don't not have any other details we can provide at this time as local law enforcement investigates."

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