“It is kind of disturbing,” 68 car burglaries reported in Moore recently

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MOORE, Okla. – Police in Moore have been busy with a rash of car burglaries after they said dozens of break-ins have happened within the last month.

They took 68 reports of vehicles that were burglarized since August 1.

It’s a pretty eye-catching ride and, if you saw it, you’d certainly remember it.

When the orange truck was stolen, the owner immediately took to Facebook and posted pictures of the flame paint job.

“She was very proactive,” said Moore Police Sgt. Jeremy Lewis. “She put a picture of her vehicle, which was a very unique vehicle on Facebook, and one of her friends noticed it and happened to see it next door to her house and called us.”

Police showed up just in time and caught Angel Vives wiping down the truck, either cleaning it or wiping off fingerprints.

“We were able to get all the property back, including guns,” Lewis said.

However, this is just one of dozens of vehicle thefts and burglaries reported to the police department.

Since August 1, there have been 67 others.

They said it is an unusually high number and they don’t know why it is happening.

“Some of them have been concentrated in some areas, but it is kind of disturbing they are kind of spread out,” Lewis said.

Detectives said leaving anything of value in plain sight is a cause and so is unlocked car doors.

“Normally, if we catch one of these auto burglaries, they’re tied to a lot,” Lewis said. “So, if we can catch one of them, then we can solve a lot of them all at one time.”

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