Mother furious after 5-year-old son dropped off 2 miles from home by bus driver

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WATERBURY, Conn. - A mother is furious after her 5-year-old son had to find his own way home from school.

On Monday afternoon, a 5-year-old boy got on the school bus from Margaret M. General Elementary School.

When the bus driver couldn't find his home, the boy was kicked off the bus at the last stop, which was about two miles from his house.

The boy eventually wandered in the wrong direction and ended up near the town line near a construction site.

That's when a Chester police officer spotted the boy and dropped him off with Waterbury police, who found his parents.

"I would have had a missing child, or worse, he could have gotten hit by a vehicle, someone could have kidnapped him, the world we live in today, anything could have happened to my son," Samantha Paneto told FOX 61.

The school told FOX 61 it is their policy to make sure that kindergarten and first-grade students are met by an adult before being let off the bus.

Paneto said her son was also wearing a name tag with all his information on it, including his address.