Rain chances possible this week

Neighbors call out neighbors to fix dilapidated private road

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NEWALLA, Okla.-- Notorious in Cleveland County for its poor quality, when it rains on Tealwood Road, it pours.

"I've lived here since April, and since then it's washed out three times, and it's impassable," said Krystal Deason. "It's just terrible."

Located just off South Harrah, Tealwood is a private road, meaning upkeep is the responsibility of the residents.

Many neighbors though continue to disappoint Kerrie Newburn.

"Most of the time, it`s mainly just my husband`s family," she said.

Tealwood though is a lifeline for all, including a cancer patient who may need medical attention at a moment's notice.

"If the road`s washed out, they can`t get to them," said Newburn.

Plus without a road, folks can't get home.

Carol Newburn's car was stuck on the wrong side of the road last Spring, meaning she walked a mile to and from her car daily.

"I got some exercise, but I was worn out by the end of the day," she said.

Carol's lived off Tealwood since 1995, watching the road go from bad to worse.

"Very frustrating yes, it`s, sometimes it`s like ok, I don`t want to live here no more," said Newburn.

She and a handful of others aren't giving up, making a push online, calling on neighbors to donate a dollar, a brick, an hour of labor, anything to get Tealwood in tip top shape.