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Officials believe pair loaded down with drugs was trying to smuggle contraband into Oklahoma prison

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OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Okla. - A load of contraband was confiscated after an Oklahoma County deputy made a traffic stop.

Inside the bundles were drugs, tobacco and dozens of cell phones. The delivery never made it to its destination after a being stopped near Deer Creek.

Authorities call it a "prison load” and say this one included meth and marijuana.

"We're not exactly sure where this was going, but it is consistent with these loads headed towards the prisons,” Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Mark Opgrande said.

A deputy made the discovery during a traffic stop near Deer Creek after he noticed a broken tail light on the car.

"When he got to the vehicle, he could smell marijuana,” Opgrande said. "They admitted that they had a load of drugs in the car."

Authorities say Brandi Baxter and Charles Goff also told the deputy they were on their way to Helena, Oklahoma. Detectives say they were loaded down with enough drugs and electronics for several inmates.

"We believe it was on its way to a prison in Oklahoma,” Opgrande said.

Exactly how it would be smuggled behind prison barriers isn't certain, but oftentimes authorities say it's just thrown right over the fence - hot commodities for the inmate population.

Both suspects were arrested on charges of drug trafficking.