Oklahoma woman claims local monument company ripped her off for thousands of dollars

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CLINTON, Okla. – A Sayre woman says she believes she was scammed out of thousands of dollars while purchasing a headstone.

"People shouldn't have to go through this," Morene Taylor said.

Taylor has all of the paperwork to prove she purchased headstones for herself and her husband from Clinton Monument Works back in 2006 for nearly $3,000.

"So I hadn't been over there in several years. I think I paid it off in 2012. Didn't want it set out to the cemetery until I had passed,” Taylor said.

Taylor said she recently went to the store, which has since closed, and it appeared the business had been sold to Ashmore Monuments.

She said the new alleged owner claimed she wasn’t listed in the system.

"My whole deal is I could probably live without the stone, but how many more people have they done this to? You shouldn't have to get a stone but one time and go through this,” Taylor said.

We reached out to Ashmore’s owner, who said he never bought Clinton Monument Works from the original owner, Chris Dunn. He claims he moved in for a few months and almost bought it but the sale was never finalized.

Ashmore finished some of the orders that were placed with Dunn, but says he couldn’t afford to finish the rest and decided not to purchase the business.

That leaves the orders in the hands of Chris Dunn. So, we tracked him down.

"We're going to try and fix what we can and I've talked to another company and tried to work with them and see if we can't get things taken care of with Ashmore,” Dunn said.

Dunn is facing multiple lawsuits from previous customers with situations similar to Taylor’s.

Taylor says this whole situation has been frustrating and emotional.

"There's other monument companies and we'll just look for someone else and try to get another headstone,” Taylor said.