Investigators act quickly after Oklahoma man allegedly found distributing large amounts of child pornography

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EL RENO, Okla. – Canadian County investigators say they were so disturbed by the volume of child pornography being distributed from a resident’s home, they immediately jumped into action.

Investigators with the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office say their investigation only lasted one week after being contacted by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

Deputies say they immediately got a search warrant due to the volume of ‘graphic pre-pubescent child pornography’ being distributed from the home.

Investigators met the alleged suspect’s mother and found child pornography being downloaded and distributed from a laptop computer in the home.

Officers arrested 22-year-old Robert Abercrombie at a fast-food restaurant on Monday, where he gave a full confession.

In fact, investigators say he also gave up his iPod that contained hundreds of images of child pornography.

“We believe Abercrombie was so infatuated with child porn that he kept his iPod with him so he could take secret peeks whenever he felt the need to satisfy his sick and twisted addiction,” said Chris West, Canadian County Undersheriff.

Investigators learned that Abercrombie was a member of several online private chat groups where they trade child porn, but also shared their experiences in developing sexual relationships with young boys.

“Based on the facts of the case, and his own admissions I firmly believe it was crucial to make an arrest before Abercrombie had a chance to go hands on with a child, if he hasn’t already,” said West.

Abercrombie was arrested on one count of aggravated possession of child pornography, one count of possession of child pornography and one count of violating the Computer Crimes Act.

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