Officials: 19-year-old accused of stalking Boy Scout leader

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OKLAHOMA - A 19-year-old is accused of stalking his former Boy Scout leader.

Detectives said Cheyenne Edgemon calls himself 'Nightshade' and used the name to sign a series of unusual messages to the victim.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office was first notified in June.

"Someone had placed several items on their vehicle, notes that were written sort of like a ransom note where you would cut out letters from a magazine to form sentences," said Mark Opgrande with the sheriff’s office.

In one delivery appeared a USB with a distorted audio recording.

According to a court document, Edgeman told the victim “I have absolutely no intent to harm you or your family.”

In the recording, he went on to ask him to “collect as much information on a man named Brian Bates.”

Bates runs an Internet Channel called John TV.

He is known for busting prostitution rings and human traffickers.

Bates told NewsChannel 4 what he learned about Edgemon.

"The young man sort of saw himself as a comic book character. I think someone they call the Arrow,” Bates said. “He idolized me and my website, and that he wanted to crime fight and he wanted to rescue people who were caught in human trafficking.”

Investigators believe he was wanting the victim to hack into Bates’ computer to get criminal’s information.

Then, in another delivery, detectives said he left a folder.

Court documents show, inside, there were pictures of victims of high profile crimes in Oklahoma, along with people charged with crimes.

Most alarming was a picture of the victim’s kids that said “what happens if it’s them.”

"It seems, when you read it, that he was trying to use this to convince the victim that he needed to help him in order to avoid these types of crimes in the future," Opgrande said.

Detectives believe Edgemon considers himself a crime- fighting vigilante and did not intend to harm the family.

Instead, he wanted the victim to help him catch the ‘bad guys.’

Deputies found Edgemon by tracking the phone used to text the victim.

He is in jail with no bond right now.

Detectives said they seized several things from his Harrah home, including a voice distorter and a choke cord.

NewsChannel 4 spoke to his dad on the phone.

He said his son does not have a history of mental illness and this is out of character for him.

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