Presidential candidates address deadly officer-involved shooting in Tulsa

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TULSA, Okla. – While the investigation into the deadly shooting of Terence Crutcher by a Tulsa police officer continues, two presidential candidates are speaking out about the shooting.

On Friday night, police say 40-year-old Terence Crutcher was shot and killed by Officer Betty Shelby near 36th St. North and Lewis.

Family members say Crutcher’s vehicle broke down on the roadway and was blocking traffic.

Officers at the scene say Crutcher was acting erratically and was not following commands.

In the dash cam video, you see Crutcher walking away from an officer and toward his vehicle with his hands up.

About 25 seconds after Crutcher reached his vehicle, the video shows him falling to the ground. A police officer is heard saying, “I think he may have just been tased” on the radio.

About two seconds later, Shelby is heard saying, “Shots fired.” At that point, paramedics are called to the scene.

Crutcher was pronounced dead at an area hospital.

On Wednesday, presidential candidate Donald Trump reacted to the shooting while meeting with pastors in Ohio.

“That man was hands up. That man went to the car hands up. Put his hands on the car. I mean, to me it looked like he did everything you’re supposed to do. And he looked like a really good man,” Trump said.

“This young officer, I don’t know what she was thinking. I don’t know what she was thinking, but I’m very, very troubled by that,” he said.

Earlier this week, presidential nominee Hillary Clinton addressed the shooting on social media and during a televised interview.

“This is just unbearable,” Clinton said. “And it needs to be intolerable.”

“And maybe I can, by speaking directly to white people, say, ‘Look, this is not who we are,’” Clinton said. “We have got to do everything possible to improve policing, to go right at implicit bias.”

Clinton concluded that while there are “good, honorable, cool-headed police officers” working across the country, “we can do better.”

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