Update: Edmond man charged with exploiting his disabled friend

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UPDATE 12/13/16 - Our In Your Corner team has new details involving Ronnie Taylor.

Tuesday, he was in court, charged with exploiting John Hayes, a disabled man from Edmond who was born with severe birth defects and badly injured in a bicycle accident last year.

Taylor received a large insurance check for about $30,000, but the money is gone.

Prosecutors charged  Taylor with using a bogus catering business to defraud John.

Tuesday, Taylor and John came face to face for the first time in a really long time.

“I would like for it to turn out the best,” John said. “I am sorry he wound up taking advantage of me.”

John brought Tim Herbal to court, who's more like a brother.

“I was praying for Ronnie in the courtroom, but I didn't want to be,” Tim said. “I was praying for his benefit actually but also praying for his conviction, not by the court, but just in his heart that he would come clean.”

A preliminary hearing is set for March, but a plea deal may happen before then, which might be John's best chance of recouping any money.

John said he's struggling to make ends meet right now.

The insurance settlement was supposed to help sustain him for years.

“Ultimately, because of who I am, I will wind up forgiving him but, as far as it going beyond that, it won't,” he said.

UPDATE 9/8/16 - We have new details involving an Oklahoma disabled man badly injured in a bicycle accident last year.

John Hayes received a large insurance settlement, money that was supposed to help John with living expenses and his retirement.

Prosecutors said that money is gone now.

They’ve charged Ronnie Taylor with the crime.

It’s alleged he used bogus catering business to steal tens of thousands of dollars from John.

For months, Taylor's been ducking us and our questions.

Investigators said they have proof large wads of cash were withdrawn from John's account dozens of times over a short period.

Taylor said he has no idea what happened to John’s cash.

“Absolutely, I gave him rides everywhere, [the] grocery store, karate, back and forth everywhere,” Taylor said. “We went to the bank a good amount. He'd give me 20 bucks for gas money every now and then.”

Taylor said he and John only briefly discussed going into business together but nothing more.

“Straight up, I never got any money from John,” he said. “I didn't get any big sums of money from John. John was my friend. I would never take advantage.”

Thursday, Taylor’s hearing was delayed again, because he showed up to court without an attorney, claiming he didn't know how the legal process worked.

We'll keep you posted on the case.

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