State employee accused of raping juvenile

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A woman who provided direct care to a 17-year-old boy in a juvenile facility is accused of raping him in a hotel.

Davidriana Stevenson, now 24, is facing second-degree rape charges.

Investigators said the employee from the Office of Juvenile Affairs met the boy at an Oklahoma City hotel in March, where the pair had sexual intercourse three times.

The boy was staying with his family, according to court documents, part of a three-day "community reintegration."

Investigators said Stevenson, who was working as a security and direct care staffer in Tillman County, gave the boy her phone number before he left and asked him to call.

When he did, an affidavit said Stevenson traveled about two hours to Oklahoma City and checked into the same hotel.

The morning of March 20, investigators said the boy left his room and met Stevenson in hers.

They engaged in intercourse that morning, later that afternoon and again the next morning, according to court documents.

An OJA staff member had some concerns about Stevenson's behavior and reported her to a supervisor, a spokesperson told NewsChannel 4.

Investigators interviewed her in April, and she resigned.

"All information from that investigation was immediately turned over to the DA’s office by OJA, and we continue to work in full cooperation with local law enforcement," said Spokeswoman Paula Christiansen in a statement.