Texas lunch lady loses 100 pounds eating cafeteria food

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BAYTOWN, Texas – Tammy McRae started working at Carver Elementary School in Texas as a dishwasher.

She was quickly promoted to cafeteria manager because of her upbeat attitude, but she was struggling with her weight.

“I would go to Wendy’s and get supersize everything, or McDonald’s and get supersize everything,” McRae told KPRC.

When McRae weighed 260 pounds, she decided to take a lesson from the students and switched to the cafeteria diet.

She began eating breakfast and lunch from the cafeteria menu every day and would have a small dinner of yogurt and fruit when she got home.

After just one year, McRae weighed in at 160 pounds, meaning she lost 100 pounds eating the food that she serves every day.

“I’m a better manager. I make better decisions and it’s not because I’m thinner. It’s because I’m healthier,” she said.

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