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For Sale: Real Red Dirt in clever little packages

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- Her Granny raised vegetables in it.

Stacy Crutchfield's dad moved it around with heavy machinery.

"He'll call me on the phone and ask what I'm doing and I'll say I'm working dirt and he just dies laughing," says Crutchfield.

Stacy herself sells Oklahoma's Real Red Dirt.

Of all the things made in Oklahoma at the State Fair hers is the truest, the most basic.

She giggles, "I probably shouldn't say this but my overhead is pretty low because I literally go in the back yard and get it."

Her product is something everyone who lives here takes for granted.

Several years back, her Granny D had a bet with distant relatives in Connecticut that Oklahoma dirt wasn't red.

She sent some in a jar and won.

Three years ago Stacy started doing the very same thing.

"I put a cork in it and asked someone to give me money for it and it worked," she says.

She started with crosses fired from red clay.

She makes 'dust bowls', gingerbread men, Christmas ornaments, rose rocks (sort of), stars, and animals.

Most of all Stacy just has a really good time.

Crutchfield recalls, "I had a gentleman come up and tell me he grows wheat and cattle off red dirt and he makes money doing that. I just make money with the red dirt. I cut the wheat and cattle out."

Selling red dirt to people who walk on it all the time is kind of hard.

It's the newcomers and passers through who marvel at this product of ancient sea beds, this red clay.

The dust we used to shake off our shoes is now going out to the world, not on the wind, but on the strength of Granny D's old bet, and Stacy Crutchfield's red dirt business sense.

The Real Red Dirt Company has a booth at the State Fair of Oklahoma in the Oklahoma Expo Hall.

She sells her products at the Red Dirt Emporium in Oklahoma City's Bricktown District.

For mail order or more information go to her site at http://etsy.com/shop/oklahomarealreddirt