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Student forced to remove “slave costume” at school

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MISSOURI CITY, Texas - When a high school student chose to wear a slave costume for "Decades Day" at school, he says administrators made him change clothes.

Brian Ibe wore a ball and chain around his ankle, along with a t-shirt which was shredded in the back and splattered with fake blood.

The high school senior also carried a bag of cotton and a pitchfork.

Students at Ridge Point High School were allowed to dress up in attire from their chosen decade.

Ibe says he chose to highlight decades of slavery in honor of his ancestors, but school officials were not on board with the idea.

"They told me to take it off," Ibe told KPRC News. "They said I should take it off before it starts problems and makes people uncomfortable."

Ibe says he complied to avoid an in-school suspension.

School administrators released a statement, pointing out that all clothing considered "a distraction to the learning environment" violates the district's dress code.

Nearly a dozen other students were also asked to change clothes.