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Account set up to help family of construction worker killed in downtown Oklahoma City

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OKLAHOMA CITY – An account has been set up to help the family of a construction worker who died in downtown Oklahoma City.

Earlier this month, 33-year-old Alex Baiza was working on a scissor lift on the eighth floor of a building near Sheridan and Hudson when tragedy struck.

Witnesses say Baiza had just brought down some framework and put it to the side.

Construction worker dies after scissor lift falls from building

Construction worker dies after scissor lift falls from building

When Baiza returned to the scissor lift to retrieve more framework, the scissor lift started moving forward.

Witnesses told police that Baiza must have thought he changed the scissor lift mode from “forwards and back” to “up and down.”

However, the scissor lift was left in the “forward and back” mode, causing the lift to go forward.

The front of the lift drove off the side of the building and began to fall over the side.

Witnesses say Baiza tried to grab onto some wiring to keep himself from falling with the lift; however, since Baiza was tied to the lift, he was unable to stop himself from being pulled down with it.

Workers told police they rushed to help Baiza as they watched the accident unfold, but they were unable to save him.

Baiza was pronounced dead at the scene.

Now, an account has been set up to help Baiza’s family.

“Bank of Oklahoma has set up an account to benefit the surviving family of the construction worker Alex Baiza who lost his life on Sept. 9 at a construction site in downtown Oklahoma City.  Anyone may go to any Bank of Oklahoma and make a donation to the account. His surviving family lives in Texas so the account was created at Bank of Texas which is part of the BOK Financial family.”