Do it Yourself: Create your own dried floral grapevine wreath

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OKLAHOMA CITY – It is starting to feel like fall, which means you’ll likely start seeing wreaths and pumpkin decorations appear around town.

Now, you can make a wreath yourself with instructions from Michaels.

Project Instructions:
Lay wreath on a table to work. Begin by snipping off small sections of the dried Caspia Basil (green color). One bunch is all you need. Position them around the front of the grapevine wreath in a clockwise direction.

Hot glue the sections of dried Caspia Basil on the wreath. Tuck into the grapevine so the hot glue is not seen.

Create a visual area that will become your focal point. Cut three dried Mum stems to 2-3 inches long. Tuck into the grapevine wreath where you established the focal point. Do not glue in at this point so you can move them if desired.

Snip off the buds of the dried Protea (it has an orange/red color). These stems are much thicker, so a floral wire cutter will be needed. Position the buds around the wreath, working from the Mums outward.

Once you like the positioning of the Mums and Protea, hot glue the stems to the grapevine wreath. Make sure the stems are tucked into the wreath so the hot glue doesn’t show.

To enhance the focal point you will add in some Eucalyptus. I chose the loose, large leaves in a brown shade. Again tuck them into the grapevine behind the large buds and hot glue to the wreath base.

Next, begin to work with the dried yellow medley. Snip off sections of the bush leaving about a two inch stem. Position the buds around the wreath as desired for the pop of yellow color. Hot glue the stem to the wreath base.

• 1 Ashland® Eucalyptus Multi Leaf—Silver
• 1 18″ Grapevine Wreath By Ashland®
• 1 Ashland® Dried Floral Ball Mum
• 1 Ashland® Dried Floral Ball Mum
• 1 Ashland® Mini Wire Cutter
• 1 Ashland® Drieds – Protea Red
• 1 Ashland® Dried Floral – Caspia Basil
• 1 Ashland® Dried Floral – Designer Medley Yellow Bunch
• Hot glue gun, hot glue sticks and scissors