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ESPN’s Steven A. Smith calls out Kevin Durant after Golden State comments

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OKLAHOMA CITY – While the Oklahoma City Thunder have earned their first preseason win, many analysts are wondering what the season holds without the superstar.

In July, forward Kevin Durant announced that he would be leaving the Thunder to join the Golden State Warriors.

His departure sent shockwaves throughout the entire NBA community.

Analysts and NBA fans criticized the move, claiming Durant was simply seeking a easy way to a championship, especially since Oklahoma City led the Warriors  three games to one in the Western Conference Finals.

Now, another comment by Durant is fueling the flames.

“It’s not a knock on Oklahoma City. It’s not a knock on my past teammates or that organization… I mean, it’s different here. It’s fun here. It’s fun playing where I was before but that book is closed,” Durant said.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith says he believes the statement was a shot at the Oklahoma City Thunder because he knew it would be interpreted that way.

“Billy Donovan’s no slouch. Billy Donovan is a two-time national champion as a coach. Billy Donovan coached his first year in the NBA last year, Max. Where did Oklahoma City go? Game 7 of the NBA [Western Conference] Finals,” Smith said on First Take. “Let me also say this to Kevin Durant. I don’t want to hear anything about Billy Donovan. Nothing. Do you know why? Because if your coach and your franchise gets you, who is Kevin Durant, one of the top three players on the planet – he is a superstar. They got you to 3-1 in a conference finals. What are you talking to me about coaching? For what?  Why are we having a conversation about coaching? Isn’t it at that point where it comes down to you?”