Police: Boys did not intentionally set 10-year-old on fire; one arrested for arson

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SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Authorities in Texas say they are still investigating a fire that seriously injured a 10-year-old Texas boy.

However, investigators said on Thursday that they do not believe the boy was intentionally set on fire, despite claims made by the boy’s family.

Officials told FOX 29 that 10-year-old Kayden Culp was with a group of boys who lit a shed on fire in a field.

At that point, police officers say one boy grabbed a can of gasoline and threw it on the fire, which caused it to spread.

Investigators believe some of that gasoline accidentally hit Culp, who wasn’t able to get out of the way of the fire in time.

Culp suffered first- and second-degree burns to more than 20 percent of his body.

His mother still believes that her son was intentionally doused with gasoline.

Fortunately, Culp’s condition is improving and his heart and blood pressure have stabilized.

So far, one juvenile has been arrested for first-degree arson.