Police investigating after 6-week-old Oklahoma boy found dead inside vehicle

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police car

MUSKOGEE, Okla. – Authorities are investigating after a 6-week-old Oklahoma boy was found dead inside a vehicle Wednesday.

Around 4:46 p.m., police say the baby’s guardian went to the day care center to pick up the child when she got off work, but she was told she had not dropped him off Wednesday morning, the Muskogee Phoenix reports.

The woman then ran to her vehicle after she realized the baby had been in her car all day, police confirmed.

“When officers arrived they found the infant inside of a vehicle that was in the parking lot,” a media release from the Muskogee Police Department states. “The child was unresponsive and was pronounced dead at the scene.”

Temperatures reached 87 degrees in Muskogee Wednesday.

The baby’s identity has not been released.

“At this time we are unable to provide any further details about the ongoing investigation,” the media release states.