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“I don’t deserve it,” Virginia high school teacher’s emotional outburst caught on camera

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RICHMOND, Va. - Video of a frustrated teacher being pushed to his limit is causing concern among his colleagues.

Cell phone video captured a teacher at George Wythe High School in Richmond, Virginia yelling and leaving the classroom to cool down.

"I have been threatened multiple times," the teacher yells. "I don't come here to put my life in danger from other people's nonsense."

The teacher goes on to say, "I don't go home, go to sleep, then come to work and expect to be threatened... I don't deserve it."

School board officials told WTVR that violence has increased in the area and can be linked to gang activity.

"We're seeing all of the gang activity within all of our comprehensive high schools," said Kim Gray. "It's spilling into the middle schools and some of the elementary schools as well."

Richmond Public School leaders are investigating the incident.