OU student brutally beaten before OU/TX game

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An OU student was brutally beaten before this past weekend’s big game.

"I got hit a couple times on the far right side of my face. My ear's pretty sore," said Trent Kreslins.

Kreslins was in downtown Dallas celebrating his 23rd birthday when things took a dramatic turn.

Kreslins and his friends were heading to the train station when they heard a man and a woman arguing in the street.

"We walked by, he hit her and I saw her head bob back," Kreslins said.

With no hesitation, his instincts took over.

"Walked back towards him and said 'It's not cool to hit women,' and he just got super amped up," Kreslins said.

Out of nowhere, a group of guys joined in.

"The guy who hit the girl hit me, and then I just went down, and that group of guys just jumped me basically and just beat me while I was on the ground," Kreslins said.

A number of blows later police showed up, and Kreslins was taken to the hospital.

"I do consider it the grace of God that I didn't end up with more serious injuries," Kreslins said.

Kreslins suffers from a rare bone disease.

"My bones are really weak. I've had about, over 25 orthopedic surgeries," Kreslins told NewsChannel 4.

Knowing how fragile his bones are, we asked why he decided to get involved in Saturday morning’s domestic dispute.

"I didn't want to be one of the countless other people that would just walk by," Kreslins said.

Simply stopping is why his family said Kreslins is a hero.

"Heroism is selflessness, and that's what my brother did," said Jennifer Moore. "I honestly think that he probably took the beating that girl was going to get.”

"It's about looking out for your fellow man, honestly. I would hope that, if I was in a situation like that, somebody would have helped me," Kreslins said.

The Dallas Police Department said it is investigating.

Officers said, when they got to the scene, the suspects ran off.

No word if anyone has been arrested.

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