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Oklahoma man hailed a hero after saving his coworker

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ENID, Okla. - It was just like any other work day when it happened with no warning.

Brock Nulph and Wayne Spears were stocking beer at the Save-A-Lot in Enid for Pope Distributing Company when Spears collapsed.

Nulph immediately pulled out his phone and called 911.

“He went purple, straight purple, not breathing. I told the lady that, and she’s like 'Well, you’re going to have to do CPR,” Nulph said.

Nulph had never in his life done CPR, but the 911 operator walked him through it.

Spears’ wife said he was in full cardiac arrest and doctors were not hopeful he would recover.

“His brain wasn’t functioning. I mean, they just didn’t expect him to have any quality of life other than feeding tube, ventilator,” said Spears’ wife, Shanna Lunday-Spears.

Miraculously, Spears pulled through and made a full recovery.

Afterward, he told his wife about his out-of-body experience, describing things that happened to him while he was in cardiac arrest.

“I mean, every single thing that he described is what they were doing to him, 100 percent,” Lunday-Spears said.

They both feel a higher power was in control and brought Spears through the experience.

“There’s no explanation for it. The doctors have said it, he shouldn’t be okay,” Lunday-Spears said.

The couple said they’re eternally grateful to Nulph for taking quick action.

“I think, he’s a heck of a man. If it wasn’t for him, heck, who knows, I might still be laying in that cooler,” Spears said.

“I’m just a normal person that helps when I have to,” Nulph said.

Spears was diagnosed with an enlarged heart.

Doctors surgically implanted an internal defibrillator in his chest in case this ever happens again.

Spears said doctors told him he will make a full recovery.

As for Nulph, he said he plans to get CPR certified.