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Civil lawsuit against OU running back being moved to Oklahoma federal court

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Joe Mixon

NORMAN, Okla. – A civil lawsuit against an OU running back will play out in an Oklahoma courtroom.

In July, Amelia Molitor filed a civil suit against Mixon for negligence following a confrontation in a Norman deli two years earlier.

Molitor filed the suit in California because Mixon’s permanent address is there. Her attorneys claim she can’t get a fair trial in the Sooner State because of “the importance placed on the Oklahoma football program.”

“There are plenty of cases that generate a lot of publicity where you’re still able to find jurors who don’t have an interest in the lawsuit and can be fair and impartial,” Mixon’s attorney, Mark Grossman, told NewsChannel 4 earlier this month.

Mixon’s attorneys tell NewsChannel 4 that the case should be thrown out because Molitor filed the wrong kind of lawsuit.

They allege that the case looks more like an assault and battery case, not negligence.

Molitor is seeking $75,000 in damages.

On Oct. 13, a federal court in San Francisco ruled that the lawsuit should be moved to a federal court in Oklahoma City.

“We are pleased with the Court’s decision to return this case to Oklahoma,” said Blake Johnson, who argued the request to the San Francisco judge this morning on Mixon’s behalf. “The Court recognized that the plaintiff’s choice to file this lawsuit over 1,500 miles away in San Francisco was needlessly costly and inefficient. The judge rejected the plaintiff’s argument that Oklahomans would be too biased in Mixon’s favor to serve as good jurors.”

Johnson added, “we still believe that the lawsuit should be dismissed, but our request to dismiss the lawsuit will now be decided by a federal judge in Oklahoma City.”