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Grieving Oklahoma mother seeking railroad bypass when seconds count during emergencies

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Claremore Mother Hoping For Change

CLAREMORE, Okla. – A grieving mother is asking for changes to be made to railroad crossings across Oklahoma after her son’s death.

On Oct. 5, Tasha Blan says her 14-month-old son, Jules, sneaked out to the backyard and fell into the family’s pool.

Blan grabbed Jules from the pool and immediately began performing CPR while her other son called 911.

After paramedics loaded Jules into the ambulance, Blan jumped in her car and followed it to the hospital.

However, she tells KJRH what happened on the way to the hospital now has left her with questions.

Blan says the ambulance was forced to stop for a train on the way to the hospital.

“I just don’t know if those few seconds or minutes meant or mattered but they matter to me,” she said.

Sadly, Jules passed away.

She says she blames herself for Jules’ death, but hopes that changes can be made to railroad crossings before it is too late for another family.