Man shoots himself after officials serve search warrant, find stolen items at his Oklahoma home

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MCCLAIN COUNTY, Okla. - McClain County sheriff’s deputies were serving a search warrant Thursday after OHP troopers tracked down stolen property, including tractors.

However, while on the scene, a gun was fired followed by a warning from authorities.

Investigators began going through and loading up what they believed was high dollar stolen equipment and, as they were going for the property, the man they were questioning went for a gun.

The man who owns the property in rural McClain County near Dibble told detectives he had receipts for everything but, when he went inside to get them, the sheriff said he shot and killed himself.

"It’s unfortunate that it did, but it did and we're investigating that aspect also,” said Sheriff Don Hewett.

Authorities were tipped off when an OHP trooper was driving along and got an alert from an electronic recovery system inside his vehicle.

"He drove by the road, and it did elicit a signal that there was something stolen,” Hewett said. “So, he stopped and investigated and found an excavator that had been stolen."

OHP teamed up with the McClain County Sheriff's Department and, with a warrant, began searching the property and found much more.

"We found numerous stolen items that have been stolen all over central Oklahoma,” Hewett said.

They found several items, ranging from brush hogs to large farm tractors.

So far, 11 stolen pieces of equipment have been recovered, and they're still looking for more.

"These are all high dollar items that we've recovered,” he said.

Detectives believe some of the stolen property was taken in 2009.

They will now begin returning it to the rightful owners.

The sheriff said the man who shot and killed himself was cooperating and was not considered a suspect.