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Vigilant victim leads officers to two alleged burglary suspects

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Chris Jones and Sara DeShera

SHAWNEE, Okla. – Two people were arrested on burglary complaints after a vigilant victim called police.

On Oct. 11, Shawnee police were called to an area near Arapaho and Cheyenne after a victim called police to report that an alleged thief had targeted their vehicle.

The victim was able to give officers a description of the alleged suspect and tell them which direction she was walking.

An officer spotted someone crossing the street in his rear view mirror, and circled back around to find dark clothing laying next to a parked SUV.

Soon, he spotted 31-year-old Sarah De Shera circling the SUV and attempting to avoid him.

Authorities allege that De Shera had gloves, a black Northface jacket, a green Under Armor hoodie and other documents that didn’t belong to her near her hiding spot.

When she was taken into custody, she told police that she was meeting 40-year-old Christopher Jones at another home nearby.

Officers found Jones in a home that had an ‘illegal to occupy notice’ on the front door. While police were moving Jones from the home, they allegedly found several items and documents with other people’s names on them.

De Shera was arrested on complaints of second-degree burglary and two counts of possession of stolen property.

Jones was arrested on complaints of second-degree burglary and concealing stolen property.