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County Commissioner’s wife arrested for DUI with child in the backseat of car

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GUTHRIE, Okla. - The Logan County Commissioner's wife was taken into custody after allegedly driving under the influence with a child in the car.

According to police, Cheryl Goodman "was very unsteady on her feet, using the vehicle for balance and nearly fell down."

Guthrie PD responded to a call at a Dollar General Store around 3 p.m. Tuesday.

The report showed Goodman was stumbling out of the store.

She even fell in the parking lot, scratching her knee and elbow.

The employee came out to make sure everything was okay.

"They did a good job of keeping her there and until we arrived and they assisted by calling family to get the child," Guthrie Sgt. Jeremy Thorne said.

The Logan County Commissioner's wife had her young granddaughter in the back seat.

"It's bad enough but when you have kids in the car you're jeopardizing your life and the lives of others and that baby's life," Guthrie citizen Brian Snyder said. "There is no excuse for that."

Goodman told police she had "a couple at Legends" and was on her way to pick up another grandchild from school.

"It could have been really bad. An accident, injuries, killed because of someone drunk trying to drive," Sgt. Thorne said. "My concern was she was going to a school and she could barely walk."

We did try to reach Goodman for her side of the story, but Goodman never called us back.

DHS was contacted but the child was turned over to the custody of family.

Cheryl Jean Goodman

Cheryl Jean Goodman