Parents: Staff members keep Brad Paisley tickets that were supposed to reward students for video

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OMAHA, Neb. –  Parents were outraged after learning that their children’s hard work was being rewarded, but that their children were not on the receiving end of that reward.

Elementary students at Field Club Elementary worked hard on a video that encouraged country music star Brad Paisley to visit their school.

While they didn’t hear back from Paisley, a promoter for his concert in Lincoln offered to send the students and teachers to his concert.

However, parents say that message was never relayed to them.

Instead, Field Club Elementary Principal Barbara Wild said 55 staff members from the school would be attending the concert.

“Keeping them out late at night and not getting back until 11 o’clock at night would not be appropriate for students,” Wild said.

Wild said the school spoke with a few parents who agreed, but FOX 42 says that the parents they spoke with were furious about the decision.

The next day, parents flooded the school with phone calls, expressing their frustration.

Those calls caused school leaders to change their minds, saying no one will attend the concert.