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Petite mother fights off home intruder with water meter tool

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WEST BLOCTON, Ala. – Kayla Tamburello isn’t even five-feet tall and weighs 100 pounds, so she may not seem like a threat.

However, police say this mother of two was able to fight off a much larger intruder.

“So I opened the door, and probably not even this far where you could see my face and he was standing here,” she told WIAT.

The stranger said he was taking care of lawns in the area, and offered to cut the grass and remove a tree from the yard.

Tamburello says she refused and when she tried to close the door, he threw himself against it, forcing it open.

The force sent Tamburello onto the floor, where she spotted an unusual weapon.

“As soon as I sat up we had this tool that we use to turn our water off at the meter,” she said.

Tamburello tells WIAT that she grabbed the tool and hit the alleged intruder in the shoulder and in the head.

At that point, the man knew it was a fight he didn’t want, so he crawled out of the front door.

Tamburello was able to lock the door and call police.

The alleged intruder was able to get away.