“Just losing them like that is so hard,” Yukon family blames dogs’ deaths on poisoning

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YUKON, Okla. - Mystery surrounds the death of two Yukon dogs.

Their owners believe they were poisoned.

"They're not just pets to me. They're members of the family," said Britny Steele.

The Steele family has not felt whole without 1-year-old Bella and 11-year-old Missy.

"Just losing them like that is so hard," Britny said.

The family last saw them Monday night after letting the two outside to play for a couple of hours.

The Steeles had no idea the duo escaped through the fence until the phone rang.

"He answered the phone, and I could see something in his face and I was like 'Oh, God,'" Britny cried.

Neighbors informed them Missy and Bella were found dead in the road near Glascow and Birkenhead Road in the Westbury Edition.

The couple rushed over to find there were no signs their pets had been run over.

"There was no blood," Britny said.

"No signs of being hit. No broken bones," said Jeff Steele, her husband.

There was only blood around little Bella’s mouth, and that has the family convinced their dogs were poisoned.

"Whatever happened to them, they were laid out where they were on the street facing each other, almost like they were holding hands," Britny said.

The Steeles are coping the best they can and thinking of memories with their sweet, protective pets.

"They gave a lot of love, and they received a lot of love," Jeff said.

If someone intentionally stripped that love from them, they are hoping their message gets across.

"You can change your heart, you know, if you want to, and maybe this will be a warning to them that that could be your pet, someone you love," Jeff said.

Neighbors also told the family cats have been poisoned in the neighborhood.

If you live in the area and have a surveillance camera, the Steeles are hoping you will check the footage to see if there is anything suspicious.

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