Sooner Teammates Supporting Mayfield As He Returns to Lubbock

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One of the bigger storylines of this matchup is that of Baker Mayfield as he gets ready to take on his former school and former coach, Kliff Kingsbury. Now we know Baker thrives with the chip on his shoulder mentality and his teammates have expressed multiple times that they have his back. But as you can guess, Coach Stoops has a different take on the situation.
I don’t think that’s a very positive form of motivation. Those kind of things are negative forms of motivation. The motivation ought to be that we’re still undefeated in conference play and that we’re going down to play a team at their place at night, we need to be at our best.
I mean I have his back, if people disrespect him I feel like they disrespect me so we want to go out there and bring one home for Bake. You know, Baker’s kind of a different guy, he kind of prides himself on stuff like this. I think he’s going to be amped up and ready to go, he knows what he’s going into. Those guys won’t be too nice and too friendly to him when he’s going down there. He’s ready for that, and I think he’ll bring his a game for sure.
Well regardless of what fuels their fire, the Sooners and the Red Raiders have two of the more productive offenses in the country. Coach Stoops mentioning that he was impressed by what West Virginia did against Texas Tech, holding the Red Raiders to only 17 points in the game. Reporting in Norman, Nikki Kay News Channel Four Sports
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