Bad review launches Facebook firestorm

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STILLWATER, Okla. - The red, white and blue barber pole ushers in dozens of customers a day.

But, one recent visitor to Stillwater's Downtown Barbershop was less than satisfied with the customer service.

The teen, who asked to remain anonymous, said "I walked in and asked what their rates were, and I was met with 'We don't do women.' There's no sign, so I assumed it was a family barber shop."

After she was refused service, the part-time college student left a one-star review, sharing her experience on social media.

"It's frustrating. I don't want anyone to go through that kind of experience," she said.

Shop owner, Randall Pryor, fired off a response on his Facebook page, offering a free haircut for clients who would "go get her."

"Their wording was derogatory and inappropriate, and it could have sparked violence. And, I don't feel safe because of it," the customer told us.

"There was nothing in that that was vicious. I wanted my clients to say something nice to knock off the one stars. We don't even know who she is," Pryor fired back.

Pryor admits his post was ill advised but insists he is not sexist.

Most of his barbers are women.

But, his shop is old school: flat tops, straight razors and hot towels.

"Men are asking for things like that. They want a place where they can come and be a guy, sit down and burp and not say I'm sorry," Pryor said.

Pryor said he is sorry for his hasty comments, which have been deleted.

"I'm sorry for my response. I should have waited and thought about it a bit more," he said.

And, he hopes a momentary lapse in judgment doesn't ruin a 30-year career cutting hair.

"Treat people with the respect that they deserve, regardless of gender and background. It would be a different matter if it were say 1930, but it's not 1930. People need to be aware of that," the 17-year-old old said.

A police report has been filed over the threats.

It'll be up to the district attorney to determine if charges are warranted.

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