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Current Cowboys React to 1945 National Championship

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It may be the first time in history that a team won in it's off week, but that was the case for the Oklahoma A and M after the American Football Coaches Association named them their 1945 national champion 71 years later.
The Aggies went 9-0 that season beating Saint Mary's in the Sugar Bowl, and now it has everyone around the program more than proud.
"That was interesting," Mike Gundy, OSU head football coach, said.  "It caught me off guard.  I thought that it was really neat for the families.  I think there is one living member.  Bob Fenimore and those guys I hate that they couldn't be around for it.  I think the AFCA is trying to do what's best for the game.  They've been very strong forever in supporting and developing college football."
"It's called the 'greatest generation' of Americans, and what those guys were able to accomplish they should be very proud," Mike Yurcich, OSU offensive coordinator, said.  "A lot of them served our country in the war, and to be able to win a national title on top of that is just remarkable."
"Those guys went undefeated, played against some great teams back in the day where there wasn't a lot of restrictions on hitting and things like that, so it's well deserved," Devante Averette, OSU linebacker, said.  "It's a great spotlight for OSU."
"I think just having it by the Heisman trophy over there will look awesome," Austin Hays, OSU wide receiver, said.  "I think it will help in recruiting.  I like it just because I get to say now we have a national championship whenever it gets brought up in a conversation.  It doesn't matter when it was.  That's just really cool to say."
Of course the current Cowboys  have their own challenge taking on Kansas in Lawrence at eleven a.m.
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