EXCLUSIVE: Bob Moore Chopper 4 pilot witnesses emergency landing

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Pilot Jon Welsh in Bob Moore Chopper 4 was the only one to catch an incredible emergency landing at Will Rogers World Airport live.

"A pretty good ending to what could have been something catastrophic," Welsh said.

The pilot of a B200 was making his way back from Jacksonville, Florida to Wiley Post Airport.

When he neared the runway, he noticed his nose gear was not dropping, so he made a change of plans.

He alerted the Will Rogers control tower he was headed there.

"Which is probably the smartest thing to do because, at Wiley Post, their longer runway is shut down," Welsh said.

Welsh said a longer runway means more room for error.

While watching the video, he explained what happened before the landing.

"His nose gear, he tried to get it down. Couldn't go down. He did a couple extra traffic patterns to run as low as he could on gas, and then he's just coming in for final," Welsh said.

Along with him, staff at NewsChannel 4 watched anxiously as the plane touched down.

"Now, he's pulling the engines back trying to shut them down, and he's pulling back on the yoke trying to keep the nose off the ground as long as he can and then the inevitable happens: it hits," Welsh said.

The plane finally came to a stop.

Then, with a sign of relief, the pilot stepped off with a reaction to remember.

"I actually saw it on Channel 4," said Karen Carney with Will Rogers World Airport. "I think my original reaction when I saw the video of the plane landing was this was a really good pilot.”

A pilot who made a difficult landing look easy.

"This is something that you train for all the time and hope you never have to use," Welsh said. "The biggest thing that I took away from it is how calm he was.”

The NTSB and FAA took a look at the plane.

The pilot was the only one on board.

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