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Rested Cowboys Get Ready for Kansas

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Kansas football won't currently get confused with a powerhouse.

Yet the Cowboys had to counter KU late two seasons ago, so focus will be key Saturday.
"Last time we went up there we won the game by a kick return by Tyreek Hill, so we don't want that outcome this year," Vincent Taylor, OSU defensive tackle, said.  "We have to be on our A game, be ready to play and don't take them lightly."
While some Cowboys caravaned home in bye week.
One OSU defender took to a healing approach trying to get a jump on the competition.
"The ice chamber," Devante Averette, OSU linebacker, said.  "It's negative 250.  It gets pretty cold, but it's great for recovery.  I saw Floyd Mayweather do it, and Lebron James do it so I tried it.  You feel like a new person when you get out."
"What it does is it gives their body a chance to get back to a stage where it was before the season started when they weren't so fatigued like they are now," Mike Gundy, OSU head football coach, said.  "I usually do it before I come in with you guys, so I don't get caught off guard."
While the Pokes off week plans all differed Austin Hays says he spent some time in the Oklahoma City area catching up with some buddies including high school teammate Trevor Knight.
The San Antonio native says none of his friends success has surprised him at all.
"They love him down there," Hays said.  "He left obviously to go play at Texas A and M.  It's turned out to be a great deal for him.  I think him just going back, and seeing his brother play and everybody's still congratulating him just kind of speaks to the character of him."
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