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“We are very grateful for it,” Family Pays it 4Ward to friend who helped in their time of need

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OKLAHOMA - Can you imagine how angry you would be if someone stole your child or grandchild’s little league equipment right out of your car?

Now, imagine you were at a point you couldn’t afford to replace it.

That’s what the Reid family was facing when someone broke into their vehicle and stole their 6-year-old daughter’s softball gear.

Thank goodness for a good friend who knows the value of Paying it 4Ward.

The Reid’s friend, Chris Meadows, went out and took little Abrey shopping and spent $400 to replace the gear and not let the thieves steal her season in Del City.

"Well, you know, they broke her heart,” Meadows said. “She was up all night, crying. I just couldn't live with myself like that. Cause, I got small kids too and, if I couldn't do what I did, I wish someone was there for me to help us out."

That’s why the Reid family nominated Meadows for First Fidelity’s Pay it 4Ward.

"It was very generous,” said Abrey’s dad, James Reid.  “It was something he didn't have to do, but we are very grateful for it. Abrey was ecstatic, like Christmas day, once she seen all the gear, new face mask, glove top of the line bat. He really went out of his way. He didn't cut costs on anything."

When we surprised Meadows at Abrey’s game with the $400 provided by First Fidelity’s Lenny Vile, he was stunned and touched, saying he just did it to help out a friend’s daughter, not expecting anything but their daughter’s happiness as a reward.

Little Abrey and the rest of the Reid family feel like they have hit a home run having a friend like Meadows who knows the meaning of Paying it 4Ward.

Pay it 4Ward is sponsored by First Fidelity Bank.

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