“They could be out there doing it to other people,” Oklahoma City police searching for alleged scammers

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Police are looking for men who allegedly scammed two women out of money after pretending to fix something on their cars.

Officials with the Oklahoma City Police Department said, in two separate cases, women were approached in public and told they needed something fixed on their vehicle.

Denise Bradley said it happened so fast.

"These gentlemen pulled up in a van right behind my car. One got out and was like 'I wanted to talk to you about the dings and dents in your car. We can fix those for you,'” Bradley said.

Before she could say no, they immediately started working on Bradley's car in a Belle Isle shopping center parking lot.

They told her they were using a heat activated wax and it would be 30 minutes before she could take it off and see the results.

"He says 'Okay, well, tips are appreciated.' So, I just stood there, and I said 'I don't have $140 cash to give you for this,'” Bradley said.

However, they insisted she pay them and only in cash.

They made Bradley drive to an ATM.

Later, when the wax came off, the dents and dings were still there, and Bradley realized she had been scammed.

"If he truly needed the money that bad, then I'm not going to stress about it. But, just the thought that they could be out there doing it to other people, I figured I better report it,” Bradley said.

Police said this wasn’t an isolated incident.

"Second case, a woman is driving around the area of N.W. 59th and May when a car pulled up alongside of her. The suspect said 'One of your tires is about to fall off. Pull over before you have a wreck.' She did,” said MSgt. Gary Knight.

It was the same situation that time.

The suspect pretended to fix the tire and then demanded $225 in cash.

"It's easy to sometimes victimize people like this because sometimes people, male or female, may not realize what's going on with their car, may not realize there's a problem and may not realize they're being scammed by someone,” Knight said.

The victims each gave police different descriptions of the suspects.

So, police don’t know if the cases are connected.

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