Women claim racial slurs started metro bar brawl

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OKLAHOMA - A night of Karaoke ends with racial slurs, beer bottles flying and people being kicked out.

The bar brawl took place at Don Quixote’s Club over the weekend in Oklahoma City.

"As we're singing, the lady, she's kind of like in the corner, and she's pointing at us and she's like 'Oh, look at the n words singing,'" said Carlesia Thompson.

"I approached their table first, and I'm like I'm an adult, like I can let someone know that they're making me uncomfortable," said Ika Bookman.

Even after expressing their feelings, they said the racial slurs continued and things got heated.

That is when tables started flipping and bottles began smashing onto the ground.

"From there, it was just chaos. The patrons, they decided they're going to step in and help," Thompson said. "I'm getting choked. So, I'm swinging on the guy who has me by my neck.”

Bar staff quickly stepped in.

"Any kind of physical altercation that's taking place, we try to deflect first, deescalate, get the people outside and then ask questions," said Deanna Scofield.

The girls said hate continued even after being kicked out.

"They were yelling 'Oh, you n******, get the hell out of our bar. You porch m*******. You guys should be lynched.' These are the things that are being thrown at us as well as liquor bottles," Thompson said.

Thompson said one of those bottles hit her sister and cracked several of her teeth.

Their injuries hurt, but the real pain they said is emotional.

"I can't believe, at my age, I'm dealing with racism. These are things my grandparents had to deal with,” Thompson said.

"I apologized profusely on behalf of the establishment. I said we are not that kind of establishment at all. We do not allow discrimination in any form, no matter who it is," Scofield said.

Oklahoma City police said no one has been arrested in this case, but they have identified a suspect.

The bar said both parties involved in the fight were kicked out.

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