The Holcombe family’s permanent, adventure vacation brings them home to Oklahoma Riversport

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- Paddlers and kayakers don't usually get up really early unless someone tells them to, or unless they're really excited about something.

For the Holcombe family, on this October morning, it's a bit of both.

Dad Peter Holcombe explains, "Well, we work on the road so it's not always a vacation, but some days it sure feels like it."

We caught Peter, wife, Kathy, and their 12-year-old daughter Abby on their way to a day of testing the new Riversport Rapids on the Oklahoma Riverfront.

"Every day, kayaking is like that," says Kathy, "But to do that here in this incredible facility is amazing."

Back up a couple of decades of sunrises and Peter was an Oklahoma City kid who loved outdoor stuff and photography.

He met Kathy at OU.

They moved to Colorado and started a thriving photo and portrait business that included a lot of outdoor activities.

Peter says, "We built this business and we had all this stuff."

It took a while but about 5 years ago a thought started bubbling up more and more.

What if they took their jobs and their hobbies and just did them all the time, together?

"It started sounding better and better," says Peter.

In 2014 they became the Famagogo.

They sold their house and anything they couldn't pack in the Winnebago, then hit the road.

Kathy recalls, "All of sudden, when the house sold, we said, 'okay, here we go'."

They're on a tour of national parks at the moment, but they stopped off to see Peter's folks, and to test the waters of the new Riversport Rapids.

It wasn't too many years back that Peter might have laughed at the prospect of placing Oklahoma City on his list of places to put in a boat.

By now Abby is a nationally ranked sport kayaker and the Oklahoma riverfront has changed in a big way.

"It's crazy," he says. "It's really crazy."

A year ago their swing through Oklahoma missed the Rapids opening by a couple of weeks.

This year they're taking full advantage.

One family on a kind of permanent vacation, stopping, not just to see the grandparents, but to pursue the kind of fun they look for in every fast-moving stream in North America.

You can follow the Holcombe family adventures on a number of social media sites including Facebook and Instagram.

The starting place is their website at

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