District attorney wants bond denied for metro man arrested on 7th DUI

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OKLAHOMA - A metro man is locked up after his seventh drunk driving arrest.

One of our viewers sent us an email, concerned the man could kill someone out on the road.

The driver got his license taken away years ago, but it hasn’t stopped him from getting behind the wheel.

Monday, District Attorney David Prater said he will ask a judge to keep him locked up.

Rob Lee Collins is charged with driving under the influence after a crash at N.W. 150th and May Avenue.

Court records show Collins plowed into another car.

When police got there, they said Collins had “watery eye” and “a strong odor of alcohol” on his breath.

Officers said Collins admitted he’d been drinking vodka and, when he tried to get out of the car, police had to “prevent him from falling.”

“If he goes to a jury, he might have a problem and get knocked out of the park with all these DUIs,” said legal analyst David McKenzie.

Collins’ first DUI goes back to 2002.

The first offense is a misdemeanor.

After that, it’s a felony in Oklahoma.

Over the past few years, court records show Collins has been arrested six more times for driving drunk.

He’s had other convictions, too, for driving with an open container and leaving the scene of an accident.

Monday, Prater told NewsChannel 4 Collins is a “danger to the community” and will seek a long period of incarceration, hoping Collins will get treatment in prison.

But, some legal analysts said Oklahoma has to do more about the DUI epidemic here, where 1 in 4 people killed on the road are victims of drunk drivers.

“It’s a public policy nightmare in Oklahoma. You can get your license back after all these DUIs. I don’t think that’s right. I think the legislature needs to be a little tougher,” McKenzie said.

Collins is due in court in three weeks.

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